Перевод песни Timbaland & Magoo – Mr. Richards

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Yeah, uh, good afternoon
This is Mr. Richards, uh, uh
I'm tryin' to reach T-Timbaland, uh, uh Timba-Timba
Uh, you had my daughter all motherfucking night
And I don't know, and I don't want my motherfucking daughter
I don't know goddamn Timbaland, and no trees, and no I don't, not like that
I know you do, you love music, dancing on your videos and stuff
But if I have to catch at my motherfucking house with my daughter
I'm gon' do something to you
I'm gon' break all the pieces goddamn tree
I want you motherfucking ass, you heard me?
Stephenie is a good girl, she goes to church
And she belonged to the usher boy
And you won't fuck her life up, bye