Перевод песни Marvin Gaye – I'll Be Doggone

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Well, I’ll be doggone if I wouldn’t work all day
And I’ll be doggone if I wouldn’t bring you my pay
But if I ever caught you running around
Blowing my money all over this town
Then I wouldn’t be doggone
Hey, Hey! I’d be long gone
Then I wouldn’t be doggone
I’d be long gone
Now hey, hey, hey!
I’ll be doggone if you ain’t a pretty thing
And I’ll be doggone if you ain’t warm as a breath of spring
And if we live to be a hundred years old
If you ever let that spring turn cold
Then I wouldn’t be doggone
Hey! I’d be long gone
Oh I wouldn’t be doggone
I’d be long gone
Now did you hear what I say?
Well now what I say
Oh, believe me Well, every woman should try
To be what ever has man wants her to be And I don’t want much
All I want from you is for you to be true to me Well, I’d be doggone if love ain’t a man’s best friend
Oh, baby, And I’ll be doggone if you ain’t the loving end
Though I know you make me feel like no baby could
If I ever found out that you’re no good
Then I wouldn’t be doggone
Hey, hey, hey, I’d be long gone
Well I wouldn’t de doggone baby
I’d be long gone