Перевод песни Mustard Plug – Puddle of Blood

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Shot rings out in the midday sun
Through the kitchen and past my mum
How can I live this way, how can it be done
Want to live like a man not prey on the run
All for a dollar do I find myself
With my eye on my back, never sleeping well
Looking for a way that will get me out
To a place where I don’t have to hide and kill
Ticket comes my way from my uncle Jake
Yeah a one way ticket to the USA
But for a rudy straight from yard they got no work today
My dream it melts away, into a…
Puddle of blood, on the streets of gold
Don’t try to buy my soul, it’s already sold
I’m looking for a place, I’ll never know
I gotta find a way out, out of here
Back on the streets with a glare in my eye
Knowing now that the gold was a lie
Instinct tell me what to do to survive
Rudie to gangsta, I and I
Kill another man for a corner of land
Just to rob another man for the coin in his hand
If mama see me now, she not understand
She just stare at the shadow of an empty man
All I ever wanted was some peace of mind
All I ever got: a shorter place in line
But you’ll never know the man behind the life of crime
All you’ll ever know is…