Перевод песни Suicidal Tendencies – Get Whacked

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I’m tired of always doing as I’m told
Your shit is starting to grow really old
I’m sick of dealing with all you crap
You pushed me too hard now you’ll watch me snap
Whack, whack-what's wrong with your head?
I can’t believe a fuckin' word you’ve said
Whack, whack-what are you dead?
Permanently done, gone to bed
Whack, whack-out of you mind
I think you’ll like it if you try it some time
Whack, whack-if you look you’ll find
I’m whacked, I’m whacked, I’m whacked-get whacked
I’m whacked, you’re whacked
Let’s go it’s whack time
Get whacked-gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
Some whack time
Get whacked-all I need, I need, I need
I need is some whack time
Get whacked-get whacked
Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do
I’m gonna save my best whack for you
Bust out hard in a brand new way
Now every second is a psycho day
I’m whacked-and I don’t care no more
I’m whacked-right down to the core
I’m whacked-like never before
I’m whacked, I’m whacked, I’m whacked, I’m whacked
Get whacked-won't you follow me
Get whacked-what fun it’ll be
Get whacked-and do it naturally
Get whacked, Get whacked, Get whacked, Get whacked
It’s whack time!
Whack time-get whacked
Whack time-get whacked, get whacked, get whacked
Whack time
Get whacked, get whacked, get whacked
It’s whack time
Get whacked-I'm whacked, you’re whacked, let’s go it’s
Whack time
Get whacked-gimmee, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee
Gimmee some whack time
Get whacked-all I need, I need, I need, I need is some
Whack time
Get whacked-get whacked
You don’t want none you got the right
When I get whacked it’s not a pretty sight
One-quarter Scottish, three-quarters insane
Ay, think I’ve gone a little flat in the brain
Whack, whack-what you got in your head
Another word, another lie that you’ve said
Whack, whack-your mind is dead
Permanently done, gone to bed
Whack whack-what do you know?
This ain’t no script, this ain’t no picture show
Whack, whack-up away you go
Get whacked!
It’s whack time-get whacked!
Won’t see me later you’ll see me right now
If you think I’m crazy I’ll show you just how
I know what’s scaring you the most about me
This mo-fo be getting whacked naturally
Get whacked