Перевод песни Gentleman – Hosanna

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Chant chorus:
I'm looking for a likkle self time!
Looking for a big peace of mind!
I'm looking for a likkle self time!
Hosanna woy!
World is in trouble
Captured by the creatures of the night
Hosanna woy!
Mercy pon the devil
Flesh is eaten by the dutty parasites
Verse 1:
In sticky situations you will find out yourself
Decisions will be wrong or right
And everyday you keep reminding yourself
Got to be a shining light
So many things that a lead man astray
Far from the truths and rights
Life is to live, so why you takin mine away?
Ideology thats out of sight
Verse 2:
And we no like none a dem sample!(No, no, no!)
All over we dem still a trample!(Yea, yea, yea!)
Give us another example
And a reason to go on!
We hear the masses dem a grumble
Long time Babylon your kingdom fi go stumble!
Fighting in JAH army never soft but always humble
And we determined to go on!
Chant chorus: