Перевод песни Chaka Khan – Hail To The Wrong

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I made our house a home
We built a little studio of green and gold
Your song so pure of heart
How was I to know?
Deception was really your art
Living with the madness
Of the truth
Living with the gladness
That god blessed to you
With a little angel
I love as my own
So I say hail
Hail to the wrong
I can't be mad at you
I'm the one who closed my eyes
At the things you do
Now my life is bright and new
As long as I live
I'll pray for the baby and you
I promised you I'd write this song
Thanks for the lesson
Since you were gone
What you did wrong
Became a blessing
You deceived, I believed
Never questioning
But the beauty that came from the wrong that you did
Only made me stronger