Перевод песни White Kaps – Brothers of Paul

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Thinking of drinking, thinking of Paul
Pick up the phone and give him a call
After a few, brothers of Paul
All for one, one for all
Out of beer, off to the store
On his way he runs into a whore
Three say yes, two say no
All of our beer money just for a blow
Brothers of Paul
He’ll drink anything a bud or a coors
He’ll drink anything, even if it’s yours
Can’t be a drag, won’t put up with bores
Wake up in the morning with a dick full of sores
Ha ha Paul you’ve got a dick full of sores my friend
And they’re not gonna go away not today
He’s always laughing so will you
People staring at him don’t have a clue
Sybils got it bad, Pauls no better
She won’t go to sleep, cuz he might get her