Перевод песни White Kaps – Howard's Toad Bar

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It’s actually pretty hidden pal
If you didn’t know it was there
You wouldn’t know it was there
Some people couldn’t find it if it was up their ass
Can’t have just one, have just one
Can’t have just one, have just one
Once your in, it’s pretty trippy man
They have a black light and posters made with
Fluorescent paint saying that love is…
Although nobody really knows what love is
Howard himself, he’s a pretty mellow dude
Got a beard and a ponytail and he tells
Vietnam stories all the time
He’s not sure he was there and neither am i
He’s got a bunch of bean bags and candles
Oh, and incense fills the air
Last week moonbeam put on a potato sack
To make fun of corporate America
She laughed at herself, she thought it was funny
His hurachi sandals are the kind
With a car tire on the bottom
But they’re not worn out to bad, cuz he don’t drive
So belly up to the bar and grab yourself a toad
If you don’t want to lick it man
Hit the road