Перевод песни White Kaps – Big Top

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Hi dee ho, we have a show
Step right up come one come all
Kiddies, bring your parents, they’ll enjoy it too
We have a chinese rat, it’s as big as a dog
We have the snake lady, look at em' looking at her
Find yourself inside of our big top
(i wanna be the cannon ball man)
So much fun your head is gonna pop
(i wanna be the cannon ball man)
All the freaks we’ve got em' here
Step inside nothing here to fear
But we’ll need a volunteer
(i wanna be the cannon ball man)
That’s right kiddies, we’ll need a volunteer
So form a single file line
Don’t be shy, we’ll need a young guy
First you’ll slide your feet into this dark hole
You’ll feel a small blast, and you’ll land in the net
On the other side of our big top
We accept you one of us
(i am the cannon ball man)
A loving cup a loving cup
(i am the cannon ball man)
To the left the bearded clam
Off to the right the skinny fat man
Now step in our human cannon
(i am the cannon ball man)
Hi dee ho you had a show