Перевод песни Kaddisfly – The Calm of Calamity

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In the eye of the sky the night bent down and sighed
And said with a smile, to the wind as it cried:
€œyour tears form the oceans and as with the tides
Time forms the tears that you cast from your eyes
Your salt forms the land and the earth becomes mortar
Which dictates your path with direction and order
As rivers lay softly asleep in their beds
You cry with great plumage from violet to red
And as you to your sons and as you to your daughters
I’ll keep gentle watch over earth and its waters
And as much as you control the ebb and the flow
And as sure as the currents carve pathways below
And as swift as the tides rotate from high to low
That’s as swift as you came and as quickly you’ll goâ€