Перевод песни Blu Cantrell – So Blu

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You see me at the bottom
Trying to get on top
You see me at the club
You know I to rock
You see me crying tears
Lord make 'em stop
You see the sun shine
But never on my block
You see I'm trying to grow
Let me get ahead
You know I'm trying to do What my mamma said
Lord, I need a change
Lord, feel my pain
Lord, find me one
That ain't 'bout this game
I'm trying to find a man
I'm trying to find a ring
I'm trying to find someone
Who loves me more
Than their bling bling
Trying to be a wife
Trying to make a life
Trying to get in touch
With my spiritual side
Trying to have your back
Trying to help you stack
Trying to be your strength
When you know you lack
Lord, I need a change
Lord, tell me you feel my pain
So blu, so blu
So blu, so blu
You see me hustling for
Every cent I got
You see I never sleep
Until I reach the top
You see I can't slow down
Because you know it's real
You see I can't stop here
I gotta make a mill
I'm fitna be a woman
That stands the test of time
Ain't afraid to say I'm fitna
Blow ya mind
I'm fitna be the one
You trust more than your boys
I'm fitna reach the level
Number one across the board