Перевод песни Kaddisfly – A Message to the Flat Earth Society

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Left is no more important than right
As right is not undoubtedly the correct way
Distance can be a line
Through the space amid two points in a sphere
A man can plot evil on his line and win
Though as he traverses the line he discerns
That his way leads to his death
A fate not matched by his opponent who
Traveled the distance instead
Flat is a concept that disregards round
And circular nature has us in a linear realization
As those humble in nature will also die
Though will never cease to exist
Not to say there is a correct fashion
…But there is a correct line
They say love can move a mountain
Thes say love there is no other way
I say that its love that made those mountains
I say that love made us human
Note: This message was brought to you by a human being