Перевод песни Kaddisfly – Buy Our Intention; We?ll Buy You a Unicorn

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Whether you act in subversion or progress in vast herds
You may find contentment in quarters unseen
Or you may chance upon solace through an inchoate dream
And all your vices, all your trials
Your intention and denials
Everything, means nothing, without the words
Without the meaning
If all you want is all I have, then all
You need is all I’ll give
If everyone could understand then
Everyone would lend a hand
My address is for you
Both awash and converged
You with your crowns and
Your wits for these words
My refrains is for you with your
Heeds and your hearts
My life is for you as from subsistence we’ll part
And all your laughter, all your style
Synchronistic hands and style
If everyone could understand
Then everyone would (make amends)