Перевод песни Keb' Mo' – Slow Down

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When I was a young boy
Well they tried to tell me That I was movin'
Movin'way too fast
And I knew everything
About everything
But I really didn't wanna listen
To a bunch of old folks talkin'trash
So I got out on the highway
Pedal to the floor
Smokin'and drinkin'
And a whole lot more
But when they came to collect me Out of that jail
They said boy next time
You get no bail
You better slow down
You better slow down
Woke up one mornin'
Ooh to a hunger
I moaned
And I began to twitch
Felt the need
For some lovin'
A little sweet somebody
To scratch my itch
Momma said I don't mean to pry
But I'm here to advise you
Seeds like to grow
When you put 'em in fertilizer
Doin'my own thing
I'm all grown up Yes I am Little bit older
But I feel like a young buck
I'm ridin'down the highway
In a brand new mini van
Wife and kids screamin'
Ooh God I'm a family man
I'm outta mind
I could leave tomorrow
But there ain't nowhere to go