Перевод песни Ozzy Osbourne – Junkie

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You're coming down badly
You're crippled inside
A rat in your sewer
You've no place to hide
A gut wrenching fever
Addicted to death
You don't give a fuck
If it means your last breath
You try so hard to quit
But you'll never admit
You're the junkie
There's no reasoning why
Because the mirror don't lie
You're the junkie
You crave for the needle to stick in your vein
Can't wait for the poison to kill all the pain
You buy your cheap ticket to take a short ride
That beautiful flower is eating your mind
Your name means nothing
You don't know the score
Body is aching you still crave for more
Sometimes you wish that you'd never been born
Tormenting came with a crown full of thorns
You're chasing the dragon
You're chasing the high
A bird with one wing
Who's still trying to fly
You're all out of spirit
A dead man alive
A born again junkie
You'll never survive