Перевод песни Project Pat – Outro

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Hey man you know what I'm saying
Hey man this here go out to stand up guys mane
Cheez N Dope 3 Street Gods mane
This go out to all stand up guys mane
Real niggas out here mane you know what I'm saying
Like really I'm talking real niggas I'm talking like
Like niggas who never told it like
Fuck who you shot
Fuck who what you sold
Fuck all that
Fuck that shit
Pull your mothafucking PSI out
And lets see who the fuck you told on
See everywhere niggas be on see
I'ma show you niggas something
Watch this, watch this, watch this
Its a lot of niggas right rapper ass niggas
Rap niggas, niggas who in the street
Like you know a lot of rap niggas is fake anyways so
Ain't no talking about that but
I mean this is rap industry, this is rap shit so this is entertainment
So I wouldn't even go there
But lets talk about the niggas who supposed to be real street niggas
Like we talking about real street niggas but they ain't
There's a lot of niggas out here mane
That's got real nigga title real street nigga title
That nigga know they the god damn police
Real shit, real shit
Cuz I'ma tell you like a nigga told me the other day
Mothafucka said they got caught with like
Was it, was it half, a half of thang of boy
Okay did you get locked up and you stay locked up for 2 months
And then you back out
Hold on wait a minute, wait a minute
Now you know I've said it myself
Maybe the nigga got a bond you know what I'm saying
But hold on that nigga got a ankle bracelet?
That's the time he doing time on a ankle bracelet
Or, or check the game, check the game
Not a ankle bracelet but the nigga actually your actually free
Like how the fuck you free and you got caught with some boy
Like everybody know you caught with some boy mane, good bye
How the fuck you free when you got caught with some boy
And nigga out here acting like its all cool, like I'm slow
You know what I'm saying
Nigga tryna check me
I don't communicate with rats
I don't toss with rats
You know what I'm saying
I'ma tell you something mane, its some real shit
Its some niggas mane out here mane that I really mothafucking work was
And we will fuck around and shank some of you niggas like real talk
You niggas will come out missing out here
Nigga need to know who the fuck you dealing me
Don't be calling my mothafucking phone and texting me bruh
Fuck nah I ain't fucking with you holly ass nigga