Перевод песни Ben Folds Five – Your Most Valuable Possession

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Good morning Mr Ben
It's, er, about 6:30
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Just lying here in the bed, half-awake, half-asleep
Thinkin' about you
I was er
Wondering if you were looking after your
Most valuable possession
Your mind
I was thinking about
John Glenn
His space journey, y'know
He said that when you're in space you lose, uh, muscle mass
Body mass, and
I wondered if there was any
End to it
Or whether if you did some exercise in space
How long it would be before you were just
A head, or a mind
Have no body or arm
You'd have 'em but you couldn't use 'em
And I was wondering if, uh
Your body mass would drop to a certain level
And then it would stop right there
Er, keep whatever you needed to use your mind
Because it would be working
Thirty seconds remain
Anyway, I was just ponderin' that
What do you think about???
Hope everything is going alright
I may wake up here in a little while
Forget what I was thinkin' about