Перевод песни Atom And His Package – Head (She's Just A)

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I went down to the carnival in Newtown square
It said twenty-five cents for a sight that’s rare
I gave up the dough for the freak-show
She had a beautiful face, but a body? No!
Beautiful face, she don’t take up much space
She’s just a head
I can’t walk very far
I can’t drive a car
I’m just a head
She can’t not really dance
And I can’t get in her pants
Because heads don’t wear pants
I have no room for a heart
I have no bottom to fart
I’m just a head
He overwhelmed me with charm
So I went under his arm
We went all over the place
Though I’m not much more than a face
Everything’s fine
Except I’m lacking a spine
When his friends call
I get to play ball