Перевод песни Run-D.M.C. – Raising Hell Radio Tour Spot

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program, with a hot news flash
Dan, Dan, are you there?
Yeah I'm here, and what a crowd!
This is Dan Summers, your super scoop news reporter, at the local ticket outlet
Excuse me sir, what's all the excitement about?
Yo man, you don't know?!
Run-D.M.C. and the Raising Hell Tour is coming to town, B!
Yeah what will they be singing?
Together, forever, forever, together
Run-D.M.C. and we're... MY, AH-DIDAS!
Excuse me miss, who are you going to see?
Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat
Oh my God, who are all you kids running to see?!
(LL Cool J)
LL Cool J is hard as HELL
This is Dan Summers, your super scoop reporter, signing off!
Dan, what about weather, what about sports? Where are you going?
To get my Run-D.M.C. RAISING HELL tickets! Word!