Перевод песни Funeral Oration – What Is It

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Well here again I strike the lucky
So you’re the one that’s gonna make me happy
But everytime we go downtown
I see the way you look around
It makes me wonder what I really found
It’s that you don’t think the way I do
But, I need someone too
I hate it when you say you’re undecided
And your heart’s divided
If you give me nothing
What am I supposed to do
I’m more cynical than before
I’m not a little kid no more
My feet on the ground
I am not wrapped around your fingers
Hey hey hey
So what is it you’re gonna do
There are times you come on easy
And there are times it’s just impossible
To reach you
And now it’s just a matter of time
And you’ll vanish from my mind
I’d feel much better wiht all behind