Перевод песни The Fugees – Freestyle

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You crossed the line; now there's no coming back
MCs are getting sucked into my intergalactical pull
I'm the article don'ya on your arse
If you get the microphone, nigga, you better say pass that
Need no questions, and I'm telling you no lies
If you lookin' at me wrong, this goes under for your eyes
Realize you can't knock this, cuz my style's obnoxious
It's gaseous, I'm turning all ya'll wack patients to ashes
This thing's created, debated, from here to Asia
Mind of rhyme, must find your vocabulary kind of Ordinary, my guitar shit is scary, maybe we're legendary
We roll blunts like Bob Marley, and
You didn't know but Sugar Hill, it was a band
My man, know your history before you try to sham, or Shimmy coco pop, fronting niggas need to stop
Until the T.O.P.'s where you find the Refugees
Free like Jamaicans when they're feeling irie
So, Wyclef, won't you touch it?
For your rhymers
You ain't a rapper
Your vocab can't extend
Access, freestyle, need no practice
Ask the methodist, ask the methodist
Too many MC's but they didn't get the picture
So you say you see me like Line the Reacher
Body executed right on the
I don't take it as an insult
See these dimensions and extensions will secure my future pension
When I mention corporate lynchin's like the cowboys did to Indians
The intentions of the devil is to cause me hypertension
So stay gold like Stevie Wonder, don't blunder like OJ Simpson
Wyclef Jean:
Don't blunder like OJ Simpson, thsi is a freestyle
Wyclefm so let me freak you for a while
I eat pork from a fork
Add an extra bar