Перевод песни The Story So Far – Left Unsaid

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Looking across the park at midnight I see you run away
You can’t hide your tears from you
As I told you, as I said so many times, I’m sorry
I know sometimes it’s not enough, these words cut through like daggers
Every single time, they’re better left unsaid
Where are you going
Our night can’t end like this
Leave it to me to say the wrong thing
We have passion, we have a passion like no other
This feeling’s so intense
My reaction, it isn’t what you wanted
At times I make no sense, do I lack in confidence
Looking across the park at midnight
I saw you drive away, another night has ended wrong
It’s soon forgotten
I’ll try harder next time
If there is a next time
And now looking across at you at midnight
Beg your forgiveness now at midnight
We watched our tempers flare up for the millionth time
Tomorrow is all forgotten