Перевод песни The Story So Far – Nineteen To Ten

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
No telephone is ringing here, reservation draws the line
Read the fine print when it is screamed out
Education isn’t what it used to be
You’ll find it in a well worn fold out
You once reserved for friends and family
This all you took from me
So let’s see
More excuses lead to outbursts
Throwing phrases in the air to see what sticks
Betrayal with a smile
Welcome to another painful time of year
Another lie that they don’t hear
Here’s hoping you counted back nineteen to ten
You try to hide behind a mask that’s justified
Morally it’s all too vague
To try to go through it again
The pressure builds, it goes on and on
So you break, you break
You’re written off today
Try and force monotony
You cut yourself wide open from counting back nineteen to ten
You counted back nineteen to ten
Your solace always hides behind the bedroom door
You want it to stay
Forever and ever, you want it all
Forever and ever, you lost it all
Your solace always hides behind the bedroom door
Counting back nineteen to ten
Nineteen to ten