Перевод песни Falling Sickness – Ripperside

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Hey you New York City, I heard you’re ahead by far
Me, I’ve never been ther but I’ve read my MRR
Someday when I get the chance
I’ll check out your place
Don’t mean to dissapoint you punker friendz
But it’s RIPPERSIDE in your face
Hey you East Bay punkers Hangin’out on Gilman St
I know that it’s the place to be
Some say it can’t be beat
I just wanna let you know
About another place it’s called Yo Mama’s you’ll find out
It’s RIPPERSIDE in your face
All you hardcore cities, that make this punk scene grow
Ripperside is young and growing
Just wanna let you know
So when a band comes to your town
And you ask them"What's your name?"
If they say Falling Sickness then you’ll know
It’s RIPPERSIDE in your fucking face!!!