Перевод песни Angie Stone – Pissed Off

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Uh, yeah, try to be cool
Tired, feeling all that, you know what I'm sayin'?
Positive, you know what I'm sayin'?
Check it 1 — So pissed off
Lookin'at life through the glass that you
Little shit like love doesn't matter anymore baby,
Nigga, you so ticked off
Can't let up long enough to get over it Brotha can I live, can a sister live
God damn
I tried to find a tree where we could lay happily
In the shade, gradually there were things revealed
to me
I can't even hold down a job, tryna follow up and
behind me You're over-protective and you're jealous
Change when you're around the fellows
Every man I speak to, something's goin'on
Look at you, look at you, running around like a damn
So busy accusing me, when it's your insecurity
You need an inner appeal so your anger just relieve
I never meant to cause you pain
But it was there before I came
Makin'crazy accusations, tracing all of my footsteps
For reactin', got me packin'tryna get out before you
get back in Look at me, look at me, I can't allow you to live
rent free
In my heart or in my head, can't let you back in my bed
Baby, what's wrong with you
What's got you so pissed off
Can't get along with you
Love, I got to move on My love, gotta get him outta my life
Can't let you go on with it Now cuz you pissin'me off
I don't wanna be stressed out
I don't wanna be stressed out
My life, back in my life
Repeat 1 until fade