Перевод песни Lauryn Hill – Outro

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Its like
If you
Tired of that
You give yourself up…
Listen, nobody can blackmail you with anything
I’ll never forget…
You know when I first…
Started to really understand what this was all about
I just went to my parents and I just started confessing about the stuff I did
like in the second grade…
But we don’t know how all that stuff from the time we’re kids man…
All that repression…
All that stuff just holding you
You know all that
Talking about boys feeling my booty in the second grade
I mean I’m telling you, and I’m ashamed of that
You know?
Like no, like
What other girl in this audience played run catch and kiss or those silly games?
You know?
But just from a child, you know, growing up with all of that guilt
You know?
And we think that that’s God
We think that’s God…
Telling us feel guilty!
God is saying get free
Confess man
Understand that
Everybody’s going through that same stuff
Same issues its just a bunch of repression
And I’m saying man, life is too precious
Its too valuable
For us to just sit here in this boxes all repressed
You know?
Afraid to admit what we’re really going through
You know?
I’m saying, I’m tired of that
I’ll tell people, listen its so funny it’s like
You know, when I tried to…
I’ll never forget
When I was pregnant with my first son and I was trying to keep it a secret it
was all of over the place
You know?
And when I said hey, I’m having another baby
I didn’t hear about it at all
And I said man, y’all just want to deal in stuff that people don’t want out
So I just gave myself out
Yeah, I’m having another child
What else would you want to know?
Yeah I’m crazy and deranged