Перевод песни Omarion – I'm Gon' Change

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I'm gon' change
I'm gon' change
I'm gon' change
I'm gon' change
You said you sick and tired of me That I gotta leave
I wasn't doing my part
I tried to dig deep inside of me Hoping that I can see
How I was breaking your heart
And all my friends think I'm trippin'
They think I'm slippin'
But they just don't understand
That when I'm with you it feels right
You make me feel like
Like I'm a man
I'll do Anything you want me to Oh whoa whoa whoa
Girl I'm here to show and prove
Oh whoa whoa I I never wanna leave you
Girl I wanna please you
I just wanna see you right here next to me Baby (I'm gon' change)
Tell me what to do
I wanna be with you
I know I messed it up before
But i'm gon' change
Oh baby
I was so untrue
I'll make it up to you
I know I messed it up before
But baby I'm gon' change
Now girl you took a part of me And it ain't hard to see
To see I'm losing my head
I'm all alone with thoughts inside of me Can't get them out of me
I'm missin' you in my bed
I know your friends say to leave me And made it seem easy
But baby you don't understand (No, O)
That when your with me it feels right
I'll make you feel like no other man can
Just let me explain
Baby I will never do it again
If I could I'd take all the pain
Because I know I hurt you
Girl, I told all those lies
And for all those times I made you cry
Baby I apologize
Because you everything to me