Перевод песни Omarion – Drop That Heater

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Girl I know you want to give it to me
You got something I can't deny
Ohh want you drop it so I can see
Damn I can tell that you ain't shy
She's all over me
Like a steal grown mammal
Waitin' to bust off
It just won't jam her
She's ready to be
Throwed out of handle
Stickin' up panicin'
If she get sweater
I can tell that she knows (knows)
Everthing in the club
Wishin I can switch places with her
Get my attention like I'm giving to her
Tellin' me to come take off her clohtes
She got me sayin'
Drop that heater (drop that heater)
Bop off the meter (she beggin' me to get)
Get off in her (she want me and a)
Shorty's callin me
And got to go get her
To the girl's room
She's tellin' me to come on
She's ready to drive
She can drop for off
If you play it smooth
Till the last girl come up
We can slide in and lock the door
She's not ready to go
Leaning over the stall
Tellin me to be so timid with her
She's waited a long time to fill it up
And she don't want to hear the word «no»
She got me sayin'
Damn the way
That you'll movin'
It's got me want to leave up out of here
And take it to a favorite place
And I got something I need u to feel
And I know that u know exactly what it is
Here it go
Woah (3x)
Shorty's callin' me and I
Got to go get her