Перевод песни Train – Landmine

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Well there ain't much entertainment
In a town this size and all
So i got myself all dressed for this arraignment
Cause i don't think i'm ready for the fall
Now i find my thoughts deep in this room all by myself
Thinking the moon might just explode if i don't leave
And the more i wait
It seems the more i hate this town
For what it's doing to me This is when i need you most of all
Then i stepped upon a landmine
And i saw my future rise
I'm getting to know you
Between the lines
I dropped down about one forty-two
Hoping to get more looks from you
But it never made much difference in your eyes
And i suppose that it couldn't have helped things much
To set this day in a whirlwind rush
After finding out the backseat changed our lives
It's 5 a.M. And if i run
I'm sure to pay for what i've done
But if i stay i'm sure to wish i ran
And though i knew this day would come
I never thought that i would run
From someone who is blind to me You're as blind to me as you could be Na na na na na
Then i stepped upon a landmine
And i saw my future rise
Now i'm getting to know myself
Between the lines