Перевод песни The Byrds – Love That Never Dies

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Something happens to me every time that we touch
Sometimes I'm worried cause I think I might love you too much
Yeah I know what your Mama says and maybe she's right
But can't you feel what my heart is saying tonight
For a woman like you life's an opening door
You're the beautiful girl that we're all looking for
Yeah you can have anything, anything that you want
But baby what we've already got can never be bought
If your love is a timeless flight
Well you know that's alright
Cause we're gonna take our time loving tonight
I'm gonna hold you right here in my arms
As the limousine takes us away
And we'll dream about the music of some brighter day
Throw a dime to the tambourine man
And kiss all the horses goodbye
And believe in the spirit of a love that never dies