Перевод песни Kris Kross – Intro Interview

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Ah yeah. S times L in the house for the nine-oh season.
Hey! Well, that was Silk Tymes Leather's world premiere
And, uh, this is Skeeta Rock
Ya don't stop at the hip-hop barber shop suckin' on a pork chop
Bap bap!
And also sittin' on the couch, we got a new R&B group on Ruffhouse Records
named Kris Kross
Wait, first of all, homeboy...
We're not R&B, buddy boy!
Excuse me. What's happenin', baby?
We're a rap group!
Hey, I ain't your baby!
Something very interesting about ya'll, I'll say it.
What's up with these backwards jeans, baby?
Totally krossed out look, homie. Y'know. Every day.
Y'all kinda look like Kris... ABC to me
ABC? That's another bad idea, buddy!
That's another one of your bad ideas.
Well, how y'all... How y'all feel about bein... How y'all feel when people ask
y'all do y'all look like AB... y'all look like ABC?
Well, if you wanna know how we really feel, you just roll on to that next song
Hit me, one!
Wait, so what you gonna do is, uh, Kris Kross, and we, uh, on the thang.