Перевод песни Marit Larsen – Under The Surface

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It's such a funny sensation to be So happy that you wanna die
Promises always were crazy to me But never was I so surprised
Minutes are longer when we are apart
Your presence's more than I can handle
It's come to the point where I wonder if I Could ever be luckier when
Suddenly I'm back at the core
Thinking of her who had you before
Were you as good
As good as we are
Do you remember?
Did you love her the way you love me?
Is there a chance that there might be Traces of her that you carry under the surface?
Lend me your ears, I would like to confess
I'm doubting that you can be real
By your side wearing a beautiful dress
I celebrate how good it feels
Say that you love me, say that it's true
I know that I want to believe you
But somehow silence speaks louder than words
I'm worried she's still on your mind
Mmm, I know that I'm selfish
I know that it's bad
I know, but it's driving me mad
It's driving me mad