Перевод песни Patti Smith – Up There Down There

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Up there
There's a ball of fire
Some call it the spirit
Some call it the sun
Its energies are not for hire
It serves man it serves everyone
Down there where Jonah wails
In the healing water
In the ready depths
Twisting like silver swans
No line of death no boundaries
Up there the eye is hollow the eye is winking
The winds ablaze angels howling
The sphinx awakens
But what can she say
You'd be amazed
Down there
Your days are numbered
Nothing to fear
There will be trumpets
There will be silence
In the end the end
Will be here just here
Ahh the borders of heaven
Are zipped up tight tonight
The abstract streets
The lights like some switched-on Mondrian
Cats like us are obsolete
Hey Man don't breath on my feet
Thieves, poets we're inside out
And everybody's a soldier
Angels howl at those abstract lights
And the borders of heaven
Are zipped up tight tonight
The air we breathe
The flame of wisdom
The earth we grind
The beckoning sea
It's no mystery
Not sentimental
Ahh the equation
It's all elemental
The world is restless
Heaven in flux
Angels appears
From the bright storm
Out of the shadows
Up there, down there
But what can we say
Man's been forewarned
All communion is not holy
Even those that fail
They can prophet that fall
It's all for man
It's for everyone
It's up there, down there
Time for communion
Talking communion