Перевод песни Dolly Parton – Little Bit Slow To Catch On

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I'm a little bit slow to catch on But when I do, I'm caught on A little bit slow to move on But your baby is a' moving on, on Your baby is a' moving on Well, I couldn't see the light for the brightness
Of the sweet little smile you gave me I couldn't see how you were cheating' on me But finally I'm a catching on, on Finally, I'm a' catching on I couldn't see the hurt for the happy
And at first that's the way you made me It took me a while to get your style
But finally I'm a' catching' on, on Finally I'm a' catching' on You say you can't see the light for the darkness
That surrounds you since I'm gone
You can't eat or sleep cause you're lonely
Well, finally you're catching' on, on Finally you're a' catching' on