Перевод песни Andrew Lloyd Webber – Girl Meets Boy (Reprise)

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How about
They don't know each other
He works the night shift
And she takes classes all day?
Here's the thing
They both share the same room
Sleep in the same bed
It works out cheaper that way
I've a feeling you're just kidding
But to me it sounds believable
Makes a better opening than that car chase scene
Girl find boy, borrowing her toothbrush
Or oversleeping
Or at her sewing machine
You know, it's not bad, there are some real possibilities
Who's Norma?
Who's who?
Sorry, I don't usually read private cigarette cases
Norma's a friend of mine: middle-aged lady, very foolish, very generous
I'll say: this is solid gold. «Mad about the boy»?
So how's Artie?
Stuck in Tennessee. It rains all the time — they're weeks behind
No one knows when they'll be back
What's good about it? I'm missing him something fierce
No, I mean this idea we had. It's really pretty good
Back to work
What if he's a teacher?
Where does that get us?
Don't see what good it would do No, it's great
If they do the same job
So much in common
They fall in love, wouldn't you?
Yes, but if he's just a teacher
Then we lose those scenes in the factory
Not if he's a champion for the working man
Girl likes boy, she respects his talent
Working with someone can turn you into a fan
This is fun, writing with a partner
Yes, and it could be A helluva movie
Can we really do this?
I know that we can