Перевод песни Andrew Lloyd Webber – Salome

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Sure have. Would you like to see my credits?
Come over here. I want to ask you something. Just what sort of length is a
movie script these days?
I wrote this. It’s a very important picture
Look like six very important pictures
It’s for DeMille to direct
Oh, yeah? And will you be in it?
Of course. What do you think?
Just asking. I didn’t know you were planning a comeback
I hate that word. It’s a return
Well… fair enough
I want you to read it
You shouldn’t let another writer read your stuff. He may steal it
I’m not afraid. Sit down. Max! Bring something to drink
Yes, Madame
I said sit down! It’s about Salome. Salome — the story of a woman.
The woman who was all women
Salome, what a woman, what a part!
Innocent body and a sinful heart
Inflaming Herod’s lust
But secretly loving a holy man
No one could play her like I can
Well, I had nothing urgent coming up
I thought I might as well skim it
It’s fun to see how bad bad writing can be
This promised to go to the limit
There’s so many great scenes, I can’t wait
A boiling cauldron of love and hate
She toys with Herod
'Til he’s putty in her hands
He reels tormented through the desert sands
It sure was a real cheery set-up
The wind wheezing through that organ
Max shuffling around and a dead ape dumped on a shelf
And her staring like a Gorgon
They drag the Baptist up from the jails
She dances the dance of the seven veils
Herod says «I'll give you anything»
Now it was time for some comedy relief
The guy with the baby casket
Must have seen a thing or two, that chimp
Shame it was too late to ask it
Have you got to the scene where she asks for his head?
If she can’t have him living
She’ll take him dead
They bring in his head on a silver tray
She kisses his mouth — it’s a great screenplay!
It got to be eleven, I was feeling ill
What the hell was I doing?
Melodrama and sweet champagne
And a garbled plot from a scrambled brain
But I had my own plot brewing
Just how old is Salome?
I see
It’s fascinating
Of course it is
Could be it’s a little long
Maybe the opening’s wrong
But it’s extremely good for a beginner
No, it’s a perfect start
I wrote that with my heart
The river-bank, the baptist, and the sinner
Shouldn’t there be some dialogue?
I can say anything I want with my eyes
It could use a few cuts
I will not have it butchered!
I’m not talking limb from limb
I just mean a little trim
All you need is someone who can edit
I want someone with a knack
Not just any studio hack
And don’t think for a moment I’d share credit!
When were you born?
December 21st, why?
I like Sagittarians. You can trust them
I want you to do this work
Me? Gee, I don’t know, I’m busy. I just finished one script and I’m about to
start a new assignment
I don’t care
I’m pretty expensive. I get five hundred a week
Don’t you worry about money. I’ll make it worth your while
Well, it’s getting kind of late
Are you married, Mr. -
The name is Gillis. Single
Where do you live?
Hollywood. Alto Nido Apartments
You’ll stay here
I’ll come back early tomorrow
Nonsense, there’s a room over the garage. Max will take you there. Max!
Yes, Madame
Take Mr. Gillis to the guest room. We’ll begin at nine sharp
Now this is more like it
I made up the bed this afternoon
Thanks. How did you know I was going to stay?
There’s soap and a toothbrush in the bathroom
She’s quite a character, isn’t she, that Norma Desmond?