Перевод песни Annie Lennox – No More "I Love You's"

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Do be do be do do do oh Do be do be do do do oh I used to be a lunatic from the gracious days
I used to feel woebegone and so restless nights
My aching heart would bleed for you to see
1-Oh, but now
I don’t find myself bouncing home
Whistling buttonhole tunes to make me cry
No more I love you’s
The language is leaving me No more i love you’s changes are shifting
Outside the words
No one ever speaks about the monsters
I used to have demons in my room at night
Desire, despair, desire
So many monsters
(rpt 1)
2-No more i love you’s
The language is leaving me No more i love you’s
The language is leaving me in silence
No more i love you’s
Changes are shifting outside the words
And people are being real crazy
And you know what mommy?
Everybody was being real crazy
And the monsters are crazy.
There are monsters outside
(rpt 2, 2,…)
Do be do be do do do oh Outside the words
Source: From the close-captioning of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE