Перевод песни Mobb Deep – Give Up the Goods (Just Step)

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Hey yo queens get the money long time no cash
Im caught up in the hustle when the guns go blast
The fool retaliated so I had to think fast
Pull out my heat first, he pull out his heat last
Now who the fuck you think is livin to this day?
Im tryin to tell these young niggas crime dont pay
They looked at me and said «queens niggas dont play. do your thing
Ill do mine kid stay outta my way».
Its type hard tryna survive in new york state
Cant stop till Im eatin off a platinum plate
Po po comes around and tries to relocate me Lock me up for ever but they cant deflate me cause
Havin cash is highly addictive
Especially when youre used to havin money to live with
I thought step back look at my life as a whole
Aint no love it seems the devil done stole my soul
Im out for delfia, selfia, ps not helpin ya Im tryna get this lexus up, and plus a cellular
Yo big noyd! (what up cuzin?) I cant cope
With all these crab niggas tryna shorten my rope.
Yo its the r — a double p
E — r, n — o — y — d Niggas cant fuck with me Comin straight outta qb Pushin an infiniti
You ask can I rip it constantly? mentally?
Definitely, to the death of me Come and test me Trust me, nigga couldnt touch me if he snuff me So bust me, youre gonna have to, cause ima blast you
My lyrical like a miracle, ill spiritual
Im born wit it Im gettin on wit it An ima have it til Im fuckin dead and gone wit it cause Im a what? composer of hardcore
A lyrical destructor
Dont make me buck ya, cause Im a wild muthafucka
You know my flow, you know my stilo
Even pack my gat when I go to see my po Jump out my hooptie
Pass my gat and my lucci to my shorty
In case my po try to troop me to the island
And if I start wildin
Flippin on niggas walkin around wit da nice gold medallions
But she didnt violate me, so I escaped see
Back to queens pumpin the fiends makin more cream
Know what I mean? Im a natural born hustler
Wont try to cut ya, pull out my 4 4 and bust ya.
Yo babe no time for fakin jacks
Cuz niggas who fake jacks get laid on their backs
The streets is real cant roll without steel
I feel how I feel cause I was born to kill
Do what I gotta, to eat a decent meal
Brothers is starvin, dont try to find a job son
Its all about robbin
So dont be alarmed
When we come through, cause we supposed to If you opposed to Get your face blown dude, off the map
Cause I react, attack
A brother wasnt blessed with wealth so I act like that
Drug dealin
Im frontin on the world once I start 4-wheelin
Cause back on the 41st side we do a ride
Sippin e &j, gettin bent all night
Yo, who dat? I never seen him in my whole life
Step to his business cause its only right
Po po aint around so I grab my pound
Money retaliated so I hit the ground
My life is on the line gotta hold my projects down
Cant see myself gettin bodied by a clown-ass nigga
That aint even from my town
Hit him up in the chest and now hes layin me down dead
And up from under the benches I started hearin sirens
I stop firin
He cut ass like a diamond
Jetted to the cribpiece, what a relief
Stashed the heat then proceeded to peep out the window
Call my son, «yo son we got beef
But no question
Money had a problem so I solved him».
I got my mind on the stick-up now its time to get paid
Thinkin of ways to take loot already made
Theres crime in the air, aint no time to be afraid
Gimme yours and get laid
Give up the goods and get sprayed.
I got lots of love, for my crew that is No love for them other crews and rival kids
All them out-a-town niggas know what time it is And if they dont they need to buy a watch
Word up Caught up in the cross-fire get theyself hurt
While I be sippin gin straight in a plastic cup
On a park bench on 12th st., my whole crews famous
You tried to bust your gat and keep it real but you nameless
First of all slow down, you on the wrong route
Let me put you on your feet and show you whats it all about
The street life aint nuttin to play with
No jokes no games kid
For years I been doin the same shit
Just drinkin liquor, doin bids
Extortin crack heads
And stickin up the stick-up kids