Перевод песни Donell Jones – I Wanna Luv U

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I wanna love u Every night, every day
u know I need u in my life
won't u stay
I wanna love u Everynight, every day
u know I need u in my life
won't you stay
verse one
u are the reason why I live
A newfound joy I can't contain
Found myself thinking about your love
it's a feeling I get, only my heart can explain
verse two
i've never felt so deep in love
I think it's because u touched a special part of me, baby
hope i'm the one you're thinking of you most be feeling same as I do
can't see being in love with out u girl I think about u every day
hoping u will never go away
it's so special when we all can share
someone who gives us tender loving care
girl, i think about u every night
sharing dinner and a candlelight
saying I love u and hoping we we'll be together for eternity