Перевод песни Nas – The Flyest

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Peace king
Peace king
Listen, they wrote a book on your life
You think anybody'll read it?
No fuckin doubt!
Let's make history homey
Aight then
You know we brought the hoes clothes and money rolls to the table
No, fuckin, doubt
It's time to manifest this
Shit we the flyest nigga
Bring it to a whole, y'know?
Gangsta nigga
Niggaz better watch ya back, it's so cold
Pinky rings shinin, so act like y'don't know
Bitches in heat for niggaz that got dough
We the flyest gangsters
What you don't got is my natural glow
Countin out stacks and mackin out hoes
Pushin big dicks and packin our chrome
We the flyest gangsters
Follow, I'm like a Lamborghini green Diablo
Coupe VT, it's like DVD when I flow
Feel me, I'm loved like the great late Malik Sealy
The one the player haters hate dearly, but can't near me Homicide can't scare me I o-bide by the laws of these streets sincerely, a real nigga
The type that can build with ya Verbalize bring life to a still picture, it's God-given
Been blessed with Allah's vision, strength and beauty
Truly my only duty is to dodge prison
Play wit me, I'm modest 'til them strays hit me Regardless the circumstances I'ma stay filthy
Dough forever, the live stay low forever
And fuck niggaz, cause it's hard to keep them close together
One dependant, no wife, one co-defendant
No forms of weakness, I flow with vengeance
I do what I can do when I can do it Feel how I feel when I feel what I'm feelin
Live how I live it's only cause I been through it Learn to try it like to eat it and shit it's nuttin to it Burn it light it weed it and off the liquor, while drivin outside
I'll never catch a vehicular homicide
My music is a description of my vibe of course
My life, my sites, my thoughts, what I like on my fork
Cause you are what you eat, you eat what you can
You pray to bless the food but first you wash your hands
to wash away them bad spirits, don't bring it in your home
Once you let them in they stayin, evil be gone, say it
I'm proud I'm ace but givin himself to the Lord
Wanted his Faith, think about Big anymore
Of course my nigga Horse got married, see shit is changin
We ain't these little niggaz no more, runnin dangerous
I like to bone, I'm a peaceful brother
Eat up so much the girls call me seafood lover
Be havin they legs shakin, stab 'em, break 'em
I'm Hercules Hercules when havin relations, the flyest
We put this on the, soul of our born
As we hold the Qu'ran
Kamikaze style
Older cats coachin us on Yo it's kill or be killed
Understand, real'll be real
Identity sealed, protected by our energy shield
And fuck a drop, cause that's that shit that got Kennedy killed
Close the books
Was taught never expose a crook
Between the knight and the bishop
Wanna knock ya rook; I'm a rare breed never had a fair to lead
I ain't light niggaz recite
Too impaired to breathe
Now watch how we close the market, motherfuckers