Перевод песни Billy Joel – Rosalinda's Eyes

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I play nights in the Spanish part of town
I've got music in my hands
The work is hard to find, but that don't get me down
Rosalinda understands
Crazy Latin dancing solo down in Herald Square
Oh, Havana, I've been searching for you everywhere
And though I'll never be there
I know what I would see there
I can always find my Cuban skies
In Rosalinda's eyes
When she smiles she gives everything to me When she's all alone, she cries
And I'd do anything to take away her tears
Because they're Rosalinda's eyes
Señorita don't be lonely, I will soon be there
Oh, Havana, I've been searching for you everywhere
I've got a chance to make it It's time for me to take it
I'll return before the fire dies
In Rosalinda's eyes
All alone in a Puerto Rican band
Union wages, wedding clothes
Hardly anyone has seen how good I am But Rosalinda says she knows