Перевод песни Big Pun – Uncensored - Skit

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C'mon now it's me baby, from the Bronx, c'mon
You right, you right, fuck it
Ahh, there we go
So, I mean, since we on the, Pun man, I mean
I'ma be honest with you, I mean, y'know
I know we discussed a lot of things tonight
Tell me you remembered the joints right? Say it
Pun I, I heard you are really, really fuckin
I mean.
Yeah! *both crack up laughing*
No doubt!
I mean Pun, I mean, y'know I mean
I'm hearin, I'm hearin you
I'm hearin, I'm hearin you doin your thing
I'm tryin y'all
I'm tryin man y'know
Ya ya CRUSHIN a lot?
I'm hearin ya, ya know those, those rumors
Get it off your chest, what you got to say?
I'm hearin these rumors man, those rumors is.
A lot of pussy right?
Tell me the rumors, c'mon *Flex still laughing*
That we the best, what is it?
Terror Squad got ten million dollar, uh, advance coming?
What is it?
I'm I'm, I'm hearin I'm hearin the girls man
I mean, there's a lot
The women they love me
They love me, they love me
Biggie gave me a couple of pointers yaknowhatI'msayin?
I gotta use that man, gotta use that, they love that
See you know a few pointers, yaknowhatI'msayin?
I'm sayin give it to me and tell me what Puff's crew already knew
We're utilizing that
I'm I'm, I'm hearin you
I'm hearin the, aff aff, you know
That like, a few girls and hearin some more, some stories
Of orgies with Terror Squad
We get, we get down
We run trizznain
Say trizznain
Trizznain, we run trizznain
Trizz Nathaniel to you
I'm hearin, I mean, I'm I'm hearin
You and Joe are out at, y'know, out there fuckin
We do our thing
We we're like, two fuckin wild bears, just
It's a sight, it's a sight
Son you can't look directly at our asses
You'd go blind *Flex crackin up*
But if you glimpse look y'know, you can catch us
I can't fuckin take it! *gasping for air*
Sent out to Tracy
Easy. you have to run trizz with us one time
Then you'd know
*in a high pitched voice*
I can't fuck with you! Ohh shit!
Ohhhahaha, yo.