Перевод песни The Charlie Daniels Band – Passing Lane

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Well, I was born in Carolina, way back in the swamp
I was a happy country boy until television came along
It showed them far away places and it sho was a bitch
Beause every time I'd quit my traveling
Well, my feet would start to itch
So I borrowed my daddy's suitcase and picked up my guitar
I walked up the highway and flagged down a car
I hitchhiked out to Kansas City just as far as I could
My life was all before me and that highway sure looked good
Gimme that highway, better go my way
Crank up the big wheels, let 'em roll on
I'm moving like a fast train, gimme that passing lane
And I'm gone, I'm packing my load a little farther down the road
I moved on down to Dallas soon as I got the chance
I was playing funky music for them city folks to dance
And I had money in my pocket, I had fun in my bed
But I've been here a year now and it's getting to my head
Because I've been rocked into ruin, I've been discoed to death
I've been funk rocked and punk rocked 'til I can't catch my breath
I've been ragged until I'm ragged, I've been new waved 'til I'm blind
But I've got a solution for my funky state of mind