Перевод песни The Charlie Daniels Band – Mississippi

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I was born in Memphis on the wrong side of town
Way back up in the projects
We didn’t have much bet there was music all around
That was something we could respect
Memphis got the rhythm Memphis got the soul
And you know that’s a good sign
It’s the home of Elvis, he’s the king of rock & roll
And everybody had a good time
Willie’s on the corner with his dancing shoes
Perry’s in the alley cooking barbecue
BB’s down on Beale Street and he’s singing the blues
Everybody is all right, Ain’t nobody uptight
Dancing in the moonlight, Muddy Mississippi roll on
Old man river keeps on playing his song
It’ll get your fingers snapping
The first thing you know you’re kinda grooving along
And your feet will start to tapping
Have you ever been to Memphis on a Saturday night
When everything is cooking
The whole town’s rocking the music is hot
And the girls are all good looking
The mighty Mississippi is muddy and wide
But there’s people driving over from the Arkansas side
Get on out amongst us and we’ll go for a ride
Hanging on the side-walk, Talking all that jive talk
Nothing but a nighthawk, Muddy Mississippi roll on
Muddy Mississippi roll on