Перевод песни Raphael Saadiq – Sure Hope You Mean It

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do you mean what you say when you say that you love me with all honesty i think i love you
it's every day i think about how special this could be and how your love is everything to me in my mind i can see no one but you
like in my dreams i know i'm holding you
so now tell me truth cause i need to know
see i wanna take control but you gotta let me know
don't fool me baby
i go uh-uh uh huh yeah yeah
there's been aces among spades
all your love i could never trade
there's something about you
that shakes away my pain
see this heart of mine
just can't be without you
cause being without you i could never be i don't wanna be it's so hard to find a love so true
but if you mean what you say i love you
now don't fool me darling
tell me it's real
i only wanna love you and have a couple kids
don't fool me baby
i wanna call you sometimes
tell you your the best
that without your precious love
for sure i could never rest