Перевод песни Jamey Johnson – Flying Silver Eagle

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Standing at that pawn shop counter
Trying on the wedding rings
She said she needed silver
'Cause gold just turns her green
I counted out the twenties
And i laid the money down
And we went straight to the Davidson courthouse
After three long years together
She found a banker man
She said she was thinking 'bout her future
And gave me back that silver band
I had it melted down
So i could wear in on a chain
Now it’s a flying silver eagle that used to be a ring
I’d rather have this silver eagle
Than all that rich man’s gold
It’s my one reminder of A women turning cold
Her love lies in his money
And mines in a pair of wings
On a flying silver eagle that used to be a ring
I couldn’t put the past behind me so i put it in a song
That’s how I tell the story
How that women did me wrong
Now I tour across the country
Riding high on the wings
Of a flying silver eagle that used to be a ring
(Repeat Chorus)
I met a homeless man on Broadway
He was holding out his hand
He asked me for a dollar
Said he was once a banker man
'Til that lady took his money
I said man I feel your pain
You might could use this silver eagle
You know it used to be a ring