Перевод песни Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid

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Lock the door and close the blinds
They’re comin' for me, girl, and I ain’t got time
If they ask you, darlin', oh, about what I did
Baby, you’ve gotta keep it hid
Keep it hid, yeah
I’m headin' south and I can’t say where
But I’ll phone you, baby, soon as I get there
They’re not gonna, not gonna, not gonna seal my coffin lid
'Cause you’re gonna keep it hid
Yeah, keep it hid
Well, Big Sue knew what, but she don’t no more
If you know what I mean, yeah
They’ll never find what they’re looking for
'Cause you’re my tight-lipped queen, yeah
Oh yeah
I’ll buy you a dress, a nice hand-made piece
And send your ma on a vacation to Greece
If you’re at auction, oh, I’m the highest bid
Yeah, baby 'cause you gonna keep it hid
Yeah, keep it hid