Перевод песни Sonya Kitchell – So Lonely

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It’s been a long, a long, long day, oh why?
I get tired of hurrying to wait anyway, oh why?
I need a man to hold me in his loving arms
I need someone to enfold me, away from harm
Feeling so lonely
Feeling so lonely
Feeling so lonely
I could cry
I met a man with eyes so blue, that I
I could’ve sworn he saw right through a lie
I fell so hard when I stumbled into him
He was a little too old, perhaps too bold
Could it ever have really been?
Feeling so lonely
Feeling so lonely
I’m feeling so lonely
I could cry
Wake me, come on and shake me
'Cause I’m stumbling in a dream
I’m hazy, Lord, a little bit crazy, Lord
And I don’t know where I have been
It was nothing much, it was just a touch
But it tore me apart
And I’m standing here and he’s somewhere near
And I search with an aching heart
It’s coming 'round that time of year where I
I wish I had someone to call my dear, oh I
Will walk alone among the apple trees
Well, my true love has flown
And he left, oh, he left me
I’m feeling so lonely
I’m feeling awful lonely
Feeling so lonely
I could cry