Перевод песни Incubus – Beware! Criminal

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You crawl in bed, it's 3am
You smell of wine and cigarettes
A butterfly under the glass
You are beautiful
But you're not going anywhere
We do the same thing every night
I swear I've heard this song before
A swimmer who has seen a shark
I should really be more wary of the water
You came, you saw, you conquered
I'm left here guessing
What went wrong
Yeah, I'm down
But not out, and far from done
Hey all!
Beware criminal
A prism with an intellect
You show your light selectively
You stole my glow, a seasoned thief
The blacks of my eyes are turning into opals
Today, I'll walk
There's nothing here left for me but empty promises
And the thought of all the things I'm never getting back
Did you think
Did you think I wouldn't notice?
Did you think
Did you really think I wouldn't care?