Перевод песни Whodini – Be Yourself

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Grandmaster Dee
If you please
Be yourself
I’m not rocking this jam to insult nobody
This one goes out to the carbon copies
So take a stand, as quick as ya can
If ya plan ain’t working then change that plan
If you wanna be a loser, that’s up to you
Just don’t be a loser ‘round me and my crew
Before you find yourself, picking up ya self
With no one to blame beside yourself
Be yourself
You gotta be yourself
You must think my head screws off and on
But see people like you don’t live too long
You think you’re a ladies man but you’re not
To tell the truth — you’re the joke of the block
Your hair’s fried and dyed, pressed to the side
You think you’re Billy Dee drinking Colt 45
Mimicking and imitating somebody else
If you wanna hang with me, you gotta
Be yourself
I said you’ve got to be yourself
When you were young, you wanted to be president
Sometimes, I wonder where those dreams went
Those thoughts that you had were dreams of the past
Speedballers get a ticket for moving too fast
You’re living the wild life and nothing to gain
Getting busy Lover Lenny was your neighborhood name
You think you’re at the top of every girl’s roster
You’re not Billy Dee
But you’re more like Alfalfa
(You know what I mean)
Be yourself
Fake fingernails, ponytails down to the floor
You said that you bought ‘em so I guess that they’re yours
Grace Jones one minute, Chaka Khan the next
Selling hair everywhere 20 dollars an inch
When I seen you today it was a helluva surprise
Yesterday I didn’t notice that you had green eyes
Everytime I see you you’re face looks strange
You’re like Sybil, everyday your personality change
Be yourself
You got ta be yourself
Hit me
Hit me again
Don’t hit me no damn mo'
You say you got yourself together but I’m calling your bluff
When you gonna learn that enough is enough?
If he jumped off the bridge, would you do that too?
Monkey see, monkey do, why don’t you be you?
You see everybody can’t be in front of the line
So why ya always wanna tag behind
Went to school all ya life and got a W. B
A diploma in school for a wanna be
Be yourself
Be yourself
You got ta got ta be yourself
Got dammit, be yourself